Match Results

Wed 16th June Springbok + Shamley G

1. Martin Lee. (Peg 3) 103lb 0oz
2. Matt. (SG) (Peg 21) 79lb 12oz
3. Mark Tallett. (Peg 6) 63lb 0oz
4. Kieran Lee. (Peg 15) 61lb 6oz
5. Colin Jordan (Peg 1) 57lb 14oz
6. Ian Weemes (Peg 19) 51lb 10oz
7. Bob Sawyers (Peg 10 )49lb 10oz
8. Sharon Potts (Peg 18) 31lb 0oz
9. Jonah. (Peg 7) 29lb 13oz
10. Dave Moore (Peg 5) 20lb 10oz
11. Chaz Dunkley (Peg 8) 13lb 12-oz

Wyphurst cup springbok 30th May 2021

1st. Martin Lee (peg 1) - 112lb 2oz
2nd Ian Weemes (peg 3) - 66lb 8oz
3rd Sharon Potts (peg 7) - 62lb 0oz
4th Mark Tallett (peg 18) - 56lb 13oz
5th Chris James (peg 5) - 49lb 7oz
6th Chaz Dunkley (peg 20) - 22lb 2oz
7th Rod Warnier (peg 6) - 21lb 12oz
8th Kevin Hedger (peg 21) - 14lb 7oz
9th Barry Baker (peg 19) - 8lb 9oz

Wey Valley Match Results - 23rd May 2021

1st   P Yarrow (79 lb 3 oz)
2nd  T Spinks (72 lb 3 oz)
3rd  D Hill (43 lb 3 oz)

Wey Valley Match 3rd May 2021

1st      Danny Hill (87 lb 7 oz)
2nd     Paul Yarrow (77 lb 7 oz)
3rd      Zac Miles (37 lb 11 oz)

Stewart Clark Memorial Shield Match held on Sunday 11th October 2020

A big thank you to Cranleigh Angling Club, Wey Valley Disabled Anglers Club and Shamley Green Anglers Club for supporting the Stewart Clark Memorial Shield Match held on Sunday 11th October 2020 on the Springbok Lake.

  •  1st place - Micky the Meat - 65lb 10oz
  • 2nd place - Sharon Potts - 51lb 1oz
  • 3rd place - Danny Hill - 48lb 5oz

 All monies raised were split between Care Ashore & Cancer Research UK.

A big thank you to Danny and Micky for donating some of your winnings to Care Ashore charity. £125 was raised for Care Ashore.

Thanks also to Tim for the lovely bacon rolls, Lenny for bringing them down to the lake and Rick for delivering them to the pegs. Thanks to Julie for taking all the photos and a huge thank you to Chaz for organising the event.

A great day was had by all and we look forward to welcoming you all again next year.

Springbok Match 1st July 2020

1. Martin Lee (peg 3) 148lb 0oz

2. Steve Hedger (peg 10) 134lb 4oz

3. Terry Johnson (peg 7) 104lb 6oz

4. Tony Buckee (peg 19) 104lb 2oz

5. John Kasey (peg 8) 78lb 14oz

6. Ian Weemes (peg 5) 72lb 0oz

7. Sharon Potts (peg 21) 52lb 8oz

8. Chaz Dunkey (peg 1) 39lb 2oz

9. Dave Moore (peg 17) 25lb 12oz