Just a reminder to all Springbok members that the care Ashore memorial Match on the 26th may is limited to 18 pegs on a first come first served basis, so please book in advance with either the Bailiff or Martin Lee - Cost is £20 a ticket. Please also respect the wildlife as the female Goose is now sitting on her nest on the Island. The fish are also now spawning, so please handle with care and mats must be used whilst pleasure fishing.

Thank you for your support.

Fishing at Springbok

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Fish types – There are several species to be found in Springbok Fishery, including common, leather and ghost carp with the top weight recorded at 25lb. The usual weight of a single fish caught ranges from 4lb to 10lb. Matches can result in catches of up to 100lb plus. In addition to the carp there are crucians up to 1.5lb, perch to 4lb and a good stamp of roach and rudd. There are a few tench that being timid can be a challenge to catch, but when you do it is well worth the wait. The fish in our waters are in very good condition as the waters are fed with natural underground springs, do not be fooled by the murky look of the water as you will not be Disappointed. This fishery is suitable for all levels of fishing and is the ideal location to bring the young up and coming anglers who will find every opportunity to catch.

A superb days fishing yet again. Caught fish from the off all day long
T. Imisson
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